Climate Change Challenge - Be the Change

  Growing alarm across the planet on the expanding impact of climate change and global warming has been capturing the interest of many. We have the opportunity to encourage our Girl members and volunteers to educate themselves more fully about the ramifications of climate change and to take steps personally to advocate for needed transformation at the state and community level as well as adopt practices and lifestyles to mitigate the effects.

Council has developed two patch programs with plans to develop several others that are linked to this initiative. Specific programs already planned for include a “Climate Change” theme for the annual Girls Can Do event in January and a Council-wide volunteer day next April aligned with Earth Day.

Climate Change Challenge Patch Program

Protecting our environment is an important part of being a Girl Scout. With this patch program you will learn about Climate Change and what we can do to help protect planet earth. Challenge troops and yourself to use your resources wisely and make the world a better place! Get started below by downloading the Renewal Energy Patch Program.