Mariner's Intro: Watercraft Sports

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May 22,2021
Mariners Intro: Watercraft Sports Grades 8- 12 (C/S/A)
Are you interested in learning how to become a Mariner Girl Scout? Mariner Girl Scouts have been around since 1934, with a more recent update from Girl Scout USA. The mariner’s program focuses on watercraft including: Canoe, Kayak, Sailboat, Paddle Boarding & swim activitiesEX. SCUBAIn this Introduction program we will cover the basic criteria in order to become a Mariner Girl Scoutwater safety course, and have an experience on a canoe, kayakor paddleboard. Come and experience the Mariner’s!

¦ You do not need to be experienced to join this program, only a willingness and interest to learn.
¦ All Adults interested in leading Mariner Troops are invited to attend this Intro for FREE!
Saturday, 10:00pm- 3:00pm
Location: Hidden Lake Camp
Cost: $25/ Girl $10/ Adults

To Register for this program, consider the following:
¦ Experience Level: There are no prerequisites for joining a Mariner’s troop other than an interest and willingness to complete the requirements of the Mariner pin within the first year of being a Mariner. 

¦ Ability Level: Girls of all ability levels can participate in a Mariner troop with the appropriate accommodations. 

¦ Age: It is recommended that Mariner troops be comprised of girls in grades 8 through 12. Girls younger than eighth grade level may find some of the physical activities too challenging depending on their strength, size, and ability. Girls older than eighth grade level sometimes find it difficult to commit to regular troop meetings because of the heavy pressures and responsibilities of high school. Eighth grade is the optimal time to retain or reengage girls as they consider how they’d like to pursue new, adventurous opportunities through Girl Scouts.

National Maritime Day: May 22nd
National Maritime History & Girl Scouts:

5/22/2021 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Lake George 12845

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