Outdoor Skills Spectacular: Knife & Knot Skills

Welcome to the Outdoor Skills Spectacular Program! This is an exciting beginner’s program that introduces girls to skills used in the outdoors. There are 8 programs that complete this Patch program. 

Join us at Camp Meadowbrookas we practice our Knot Tying skills as well as Jack Knife Safety! 


Girls participating in Knot Tying will focus on the Square, Bowline, bowline on a Bight and figure 8 Knots. Girls participating in Jack Knife will focus on Jack Knife Safety, including safety circle, how we open / close jack knife and beginner whittling. *Brownies will start with a pretend jack knife before given a real one. We plan to utilize Adults available to help brownies

3/6/2021 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Camp Meadowbrook Queensbury
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Capacity: 20